With the Peninsula Project, a new experience based on participation, creativity and values is being implemented. The Project, by experiencing the Peninsula, allows its guests to learn; and allows its local people to transform their values into gaining by way of “experience economy”.
Imagine such a spatial experience that guests get to tactually learn and know the Peninsula. The roads they walk or cycle on take them to sleek beaches, forest camps, excursion sites, excavation sites and ruins, museums; village pensions, places sweetened by local flavors, thematic markets where the freshest and most authentic produces are, carnivals and festivals reflecting the local culture…
While earning its place as one of the “memorable”, the responsibility to protect and preserve this unique geography is shared with the whole world.
The project, enhancing the conscious of being a local of the peninsula and grounded on decentralization is carried out by the collaboration of individual and civil initiatives and institutions. The local development projects where the local population is actively participating in politics and has the power to determine their own lives, foresees the bottom-up organization model.
Karaburun, Çeşme, Urla, Seferihisar, Güzelbahçe, Menderes and Selçuk districts, each a gravitational field on its own with natural and historical features, become complete with the Peninsula Tour Routes Project once again.
The project, associating the Peninsula with the national and international society alongside İzmir, also brings together with the region’s natural, historical and cultural riches with those who experience the routes:

1. Thematic tour routes
2. Thematic Peninsula markets
3. Festivals and carnivals
• Thematic tour routes
The trekking, cycling and sea routes which form the basis for the Peninsula Tour Routes enables the visitors to learn the region be living it. The Project consists of four thematic courses that will enable the integration of İzmir and its immediate surroundings with the Mediterranean network:

- Ephesus-Mimas Road
- Blue Route
- Vineyard Route
- Olive Grove Route
These courses, on the basis of sustainable green access, can be visited with these options;

- Trekking
- Cycling
- Sea transportation.
Ephesus-Mimas Road

The Ephesus – Mimas Road is the common name for the routes that trace history on the Peninsula, whose habitation dates back to eight thousand years. Aside from the trekking and cycling route tracks, the olive and vineyard themed routes are presented to those who are interested. The Blue route, on the other hand, is the transfrontier gate of the geography whose identity is derived from the sea.
The Ephesus – Mimas Road, going through Selçuk, Menderes, Seferihisar, Güzelbahçe, Urla, Çeşme and Karaburun districts, embraces all the natural, historical and cultural riches on this course. Within the scope of the routes created by the voluntary efforts of the professional mountaineers and trekkers, cyclists, olive cultivators and vinedressers, organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality; information such as means of transport, geographical data, accommodation facilities, layover and camping sites, healthcare facilities, historical and natural riches and points of bearing are marked on maps. Road signs have been placed on routes marked conforming to international standards.
All historical accumulation on the Peninsula from the archaic Ionian civilization to the Ottoman artefacts that have been carried from thousands of years ago to today have been, for the first time, turned into walking and cycling paths in İzmir. The six cities of the Ionian civilization that form the main backbone of the routes are on the Ephesus – Mimas Road:
Ephesus (Efes-Selçuk), Kolophon (Değirmendere-Menderes), Lebedos (Ürkmez-Seferihisar), Teos (Sığacık-Seferihisar), Klazomenai (İskele-Urla) and Erythrai (Ildırı-Çeşme).
Another Ionian city Phokaia (Foça) is, by way of the blue route, connected to the Peninsula through Karaburun.
The Ephesus– Mimas Road, which forms the basis for the Peninsula Tour Routes, enables its visitors to learn the region by way of living it. The route roads coincide with sleek beaches, forest camps, excursion sites, excavation sites and ruins, museums, olive groves and workshops, vineyards; village pensions, places sweetened by local flavors, marketplaces and festivals.
Trekking route:  The 709 km long, 49 course walking path begins at the Temple of Artemis in the city of Ephesus; ending in mythologically called Mimas: Karaburun. The walking path connecting the six ancient Ionian cities and other historical sites within the Peninsula Project has been determined by voluntary trekkers from mountaineering clubs and associations organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The camping sites, water sources, historical and natural heritages worth seeing on the course have been determined by trekkers by GPS devices and marked on maps.

Cycling route: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, continuing the nonstop 40 km bicycle route construction on the coastal strip within the city and which has installed the bicycle renting system, Bisim stations, is integrating this endeavor with the Peninsula bicycle routes. The 70 thousand kilometer EuroVelo, administered by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), has 14 routes. Once the membership is realized, the European cycling roads will be connected to the Peninsula through Çeşme by way of sea transportation; the endpoint will be the ancient city of Ephesus.
The four bicycles related associations and communities organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality have determined the routes between Çeşme Port – Temple of Artemis. The 3 course 190 kilometer part of the 15 course, 773 km bicycle road has been confirmed to be in compliance of EuroVelo standards. On the course, there are trig points such as surf schools, thermal springs, beaches and natural beauties. 
Olive grove routes: The first modern olive workshop in the world is in the ancient city of Klazomenai in Urla. The journey of the olive, the most characteristic product of the Peninsula, constitutes one of our thematic tour routes. The route going through Güzelbahçe, Çeşme, Seferihisar, Menderes and Selçuk districts was determined through the labors of the representatives of Zeytince Association in the area. The monumental olive trees, olive oil workshops, water springs, olive oil factories, observation terraces, olive press locations, rocks used for olive oil production, camping sites, wells, windmills and watermills have been located. The route is being connected to DELICE Network of Gourmet Cities, of which İzmir is a member. With the membership realized in cooperation by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İzmir Chamber of Commerce in January 2015, İzmir, and therefore the Peninsula region, has become a part of the gastronomy tourism route.

Vineyard routes: Possessing the first known winery of Anatolia in Çeşme, the Peninsula constitutes today’s vineyard routes with the power derived from its history. With its 151 km route, it includes vineyards in Selçuk, Seferihisar, Menderes, Urla, Karaburun and Çeşme. There is still ongoing works to connect the Vineyard routes to the networks such as European Wine Cities.

Blue route: By following the traces of history’s master sailors, the Ionians, our aim is, to form a connection between the Peninsula and Phokai, Chios and Samos. We support sea tourism by presenting information on beaches, sea sports, camping sites, fishing ports and line fishing. We are aspiring to support coastal fishing, enhance the biological variety and create new areas for amateur fishing and diving tourism with the artificial reef projects implemented in Dalyanköy, Ürkmez, Gümüldür and Pamucak with the support of Ege University. We are preparing an inventory of the beaches on the Peninsula. Features of the beaches, such as blue flag certificates, swimming water, water sports, beach sports, lifeguards and wireless internet services, take part in this inventory. We are integrating the blue route with the intercity sea transportation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

• Peninsula Thematic Markets

The thematic markets that are set up in the project area in specific periods are the places where local government, producers and the consumers get in touch with each other. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality develops standardizes and promotes these markets.
These markets are set up periodically, seasonally and in specific occasions, and in them producers can market their produce on site. The produce and service standards of the thematic markets which are one of the application field of agricultural tourism are determined by experts, cooperation, tradesmen and non-governmental organizations with the lead of local government.
The standards put forward for producers;
- Reside in the same region
- A document showing they are a part of the farmer registry system
- Open Space Marketing and Hygiene Certificates from the Public Training Center
- A document showing that they accepted the rules

Standards that are not included in the identified hardware in the marketplace regulations:
- Communication desk
- Notification board                                                   
- Workshops to experience local products                      
- Cafeteria with a local kitchen
- Marketplace that represents the historical and natural atmosphere
- Market specific products
- Geographical indication registered products.

Standards for market organizers:
- Corporate identity for new thematic markets (apron, cover, label, counter, packaging-bottling).
YELKİ MARKET                                                               Saturday
PUBLIC MARKET                                                             Saturday            
TUESDAY MARKET                                                         Tuesday
YAKA AUTHENTIC MARKET                                            Sunday
NIGHT MARKET (FERRY PORT)                                       Every night between June 15-September 15
FARM MARKET                                                                Friday
ALAÇATI MARKET                                                            Saturday
DALYAN OPEN MARKET                                                  Tuesday
REİS DERE MARKET                                                        Wednesday
ÇEŞME CENTER MARKET                                                Wednesday                      
(Producers' Dairy Products Market)
ÇEŞME CENTER OPEN MARKET                                      Sunday
ILICA OPEN MARKET                                                       Thursday            
OVACIK OPEN MARKET                                                   Friday
KARABURUN CENTER MARKET PLACE                            Wednesday
KARABURUN İSKELE NIGHT MARKET                              Every night, between June 1- September 30
MORDOĞAN MARKET                                                       Tuesday
MORDOĞAN NIGHT MARKET                                            Every night, between June 1- September 30
ÖZDERE ORTA MAH. MARKET                                         Wednesday
GÜMÜLDÜR MARKET                                                        Friday
ÖZDERE CULTURE MARKET                                        Everyday from the end of May- until the end of September
ÖZDERE ÇUKURALTI MARKET                                         Saturday            
GÜMÜLDÜR NIGHT MARKET                                     Every night from the end of May- until the end of September
MENDERES CENTER MARKET                                         Thursday-Sunday
SATURDAY MARKET                                                         Saturday
MONDAY MARKET                                                             Monday
BELEVİ MARKET                                                               Sunday
ÇAMLIK DISTRICT MARKET                                               Thursday
GÖKÇEALAN DISTRICT MARKET                                       Sunday
SELÇUK NIGHT MARKET                                                   June-September (Tuesday/ Thursday)
SELÇUK WOMEN HAND WORK MARKET                        June 1- September 30 (night market only on Sundays after 17.00 )
FRIDAY MARKET                                                                Friday
FARMERS MARKET                                                            Tuesday
SIĞACIK PRODUCER MARKET                                           Sunday
AKARCA NIGHT MARKET                                                   Every day during the summer season
SIĞACIK NIGHT MARKET                                                   Every day during the summer season
ÜRKMEZ PUBLIC MARKET                                                 Sunday
ÜRKMEZ NIGHT MARKET                                                   Every day during the summer season
DOĞANBEY NIGHT MARKET                                              Every day during the summer season
ZEYTİNALANI DAYTIME                PUBLIC MARKET           Thursday
URLA CENTER PUBLIC MARKET                                         Friday                  
TAMİRHANE WOMEN PRODUCERS' MARKET                     Saturday
URLA ART STREET                                                             During the summer season Friday/Saturday/Sunday
İSKELE DAYTIME MARKET                                                 Saturday
İSKELE WOMEN PRODUCERS' MARKET                             Every day during the summer season
ÇEŞMEALTI NIGHT MARKET                                               Every weekend during the winter season